Our daughter Twesha is very happy at The Little Apex . The school has a good ambiance and infrastructure . Excellent report from school employees and we feel very comfortable to communicate with them regarding our concerns and requirements. ( Grade I )


Prakhar Kaushik

Prakhar Kaushik loves his school so much that he wants to attend the same even on weekends. He likes his teachers. The Little Apex has very good teachers who understand children and take them along. (Grade I)


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Name : 5quarep4ntz
Qualification : Sharkxploit
Name : Rhythm
Qualification : B.Sc, B.Ed
Name : Sanchi Arora
Qualification : B.A., N.T.T.
Name : Rashmi Rani
Qualification : M.A., N.T.T.
Name : Shalu Narula
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Qualification : M.A, N.T.T
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Name : Rachna Kalra
Qualification : B.A., N.T.T.
Name : Parul Jain
Qualification : M.A. ,N.T.T
Name : gggggggggg
Qualification : gggggggggggggggggg
Name : Deepti Singhal
Qualification : M.A.
Name : Richa Jain
Qualification : B.Sc., N.T.T
Name : lllllllllllllllllllllll
Qualification : lllkkkkkk
Name : 5qys
Qualification : Ysy
Name : dddddddddd
Qualification : ddddd
Name : qqqqqqq
Qualification : qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq
Name : yyyy
Qualification : yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Name : Ysty
Qualification : Tysty
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